For RIAs

Advisors: Interested in new growth opportunities for your firm? Seeking funding to generate owner liquidity, create internal equity transfers, or other strategic initiatives? Harmony Asset Management is interested in investing in your firm! Harmony is seeking investments in exceptional, boutique wealth management firms that have demonstrated a consistent ability to deliver superior returns over the long term and have a vision for significant future growth

Harmony ensures that your key principals remain independent and keep complete operational autonomy – along with the culture and image that you’ve spent so many years carefully developing. Our approach provides a seamless mechanism where you can individually realize the value of your retained equity and transfer your interests to the next generation within the firm.


Harmony is interested in providing capital to firms in the West and Southwest United States, including:

  • Arizona: Phoenix/Scottsdale
  • California: Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco/San Jose
  • Colorado: Denver, Boulder
  • Illinois: Chicago
  • Kansas: Kansas City
  • Missouri: St. Louis
  • Oregon: Portland
  • Texas: Austin, Dallas, Houston
  • Washington: Seattle

Independence, Increased Profits

Ease and new growth opportunities is the key to every transition. Harmony’s senior team has over 25 years’ experience in wealth management, financial services, and private equity, with backgrounds and training in discretionary asset management, tax & securities law, and compliance & regulatory matters—enabling Harmony to provide a smooth, unified transition to every firm.

  1. Ease: You and your key principals continue to manage all aspects of your firm: day-to-day operations, investment decisions, management of client relationships, and expense/budget matters. Harmony’s approach provides founders and principal owners the necessary degree of liquidity to continue to work while beginning to realize the value of your ownership smoothly and seamlessly. Harmony ensures that your firm maintains operational autonomy—while preserving the unique entrepreneurial culture.
  2. Growth: Although we invest in firms that will continue to be successful in their own right, we help firms identify opportunities for further growth. For instance, many firms and clients are seeking multi-asset class exposure but lack proper access to alternative asset opportunities. Harmony can help you add this asset class—important to most portfolios and, when limited to no more than 10% of any single portfolio, may provide significant diversification and mitigation of risk to clients—while simultaneously enhancing your AUM and generating additional revenue streams.
  3. Transition: Harmony’s investment structure positions other partners and senior managers to fill key leadership positions within the firm, and provides an effective and powerful incentive for these key employees to continue to manage the firm in an efficient manner and remain focused on serving client needs through superior investment strategies. Your firm’s equity is more broadly distributed among these other partners, providing a direct link to firm profitability.
  4. Clients: Clients of firms that have partnered with Harmony benefit from seamless management and ownership transition as well as an uninterrupted focus on service, performance and growth. Your partnership with Harmony ensures that your firm will grow in new ways—and your clients will feel confident experiencing continuity—and a strong future with your firm.

Harmony believes that its structure not only provides the best incentive to our partners, and is most attractive to boutique firms that expect continued future growth while wanting to retain equity upside and independence. If you are interested in discussing your firm’s future with Harmony, please contact us.

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